Friday, March 2, 2012

AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 6.0.10 Full Free Download

Full Review:
AV Voice Changer Software Diamond 6.0.10 Voice Changer Software enables you to change your voice to male, female, teen, baby, or...
Voice Changer Software enables you to change your voice to male, female, teen, baby, or whatever voice in real time for use in voice chat and PC phone; enhance voice quality for better sex appeal; simulate people's voices with the help of Voice Comparator; create different voiceovers for movies/audio clips; mix voices with Parody; record from any source; work online/offline; support mp3, wma, wav, ogg; high compatibility


High-quality voice output:
Advanced algorithms, setting combinations: changing, tuning, improving, equalizing, and more.
Compatible with Internet-based programs
Compatible with many voice chat applications, instant messenger programs, VoIP programs, and online games.
User-friendly interface
Clean and simple user-interface with useful tips / hints makes the software very easy to use.
Improved in Diamond edition
Game mode
Switch from Full mode to Game mode for low bandwidth and CPU usage while maintaining excellent performance, especially when you play online games
2-Dimensional voice changing
The only application that not only changes voice pitch, but also voice timbre, and in real time!
Ready-to-use "nickvoices"
Hundred of preset voices - the "nickvoices" – available with just a click; also create and save your own presets. quickly switch voices with simple keystrokes
Improved with nickvoice hot keys
Audio & video stream interception
Compatible with almost any media program, hooks all streams, including WaveOut, DirectX.
Audio effects explorer
More than 50 effects, hundreds of presets available; layer multiple effects to create unique ones and save them for later use.
Frequency & formant morphers
Control multi-band pitch, modify base format of any singing voice.
Advanced equalizers, sound quality improver
Ready-to-use equalizer presets, noise reduction, and sound limiter.
Adjustable sound parameters
DVD/radio/telephone-quality sound output; defaults to full duplex.
Non-human voices
Create up to 54 animal voices from your own voice with a simple click.
Background affects
Use your voice via microphone and add in any background sound from 15 presets, or load in your own background sounds.
Audio/Sound Recorder
Capture chat conversations, Internet radio, record any voice, sound, or music clip from any source.
Audio/Sound Player
Built-in mp3 player works with the morphers, equalizers, effects and filters; plays almost any format.
Voice comparator
Similarity analysis, celebrity voice samples, import someone else's voice and compare it to any other voice.
Parody Maker
Create your parody voice or mimic other people's voices.
Parody Mixer
Mix parody voices to create a new parody voice.
Voice Analyzer
Analyze 3 fundamental characteristics of your voice.

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