Friday, April 13, 2012

Special Enquiry Detail: Murder In New York Game Full Free Download

Full Review:
Discover the clues that lead to a killer and solve the death
of a young woman in detail Special Investigation – Murder in New York. Follow
the trail as in the tragedy unfolds. Only you can find answers hidden in the
spectacular scenes, puzzles and misleading outstanding mini-games.
This hidden object game to play the role of two officials of
a new research unit in the police department in New York, in detail special
request. You are appointed to investigate the murder of a Phelps Carmody,
daughter of a billionaire known for his charitable work. The girl was shot in
his room at night, and the evidence leads us to believe that this is not a joint
flight, there is something very shady is going on and it is their duty to
With this in mind, you and your partner arrive at the scene to begin the
investigation. Your first task will be to study the girls’ room to collect items
and gather evidence that can lead to suspects. You will be passing through many
places in New York in search of new tracks when you connect the data found to
conduct the study. Each scene presents a series of tasks to help you solve, the
main one being the collection of items in a list.
Useful items stored in the mapping section, you can combine them and use them as
needed. In addition to classic accessory to hunt, you get to solve puzzles
intelligent (to clarify the security codes, cracked the guards, etc.), while
asking questions about people Carmody, including his parents, friends, and
especially her boyfriend , which is the prime suspect.
A pair of buttons on the screen to help you during your game: the right of the
screen are two icons, the GPS will tell you your current location on the map -
sometimes you can even choose where to study, and the laptop will show tasks to
be performed. Clicking on the police badge on the right of the screen will
advise you to locate objects and clues about their next steps.
The presentation of the game and cut scenes using a very cinematic style to tell
the story and dialogues between the characters are fairly balanced, always
keeping the focus on the theme. Places photographic look and is well
If you are a fan of this type of game that you know that the crime /
investigation is a topic that has been overexploited in Hogs these days, but
this tangled tale of greed, drugs and murder manages to keep you fascinated
until ‘at the end.

Screen Shot

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